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Why Support Matters in Recovery

Support has been essential to my healing process. My recovery journey is rooted in going toward the core of the issues I face and addressing them. Living in the same city I have lived my whole life from addiction into recovery has been such a godsend. Many people in my community have watched me grow and change for years. I have old friends whom I still see and the support from them means so much to me. I have witnessed my practice work in tandem with something much bigger than me to help old friends and colleagues themselves plug into this lifestyle. I have been led back into relationships with people that I partied with that are now in recovery. The full circle experience is such a powerful occurrence in my life.

Doing this on my own would be impossible—the beauty comes in realizing that I do not have to navigate this multi-faceted beast alone. No matter what is happening in life, there is always this center I can come back to find solid ground.

This process did not go perfectly for me— I had a long learning curve and many screw ups that have helped and continue to help me reach many levels of “soul growth”. First and foremost I have developed a powerful connection with the God of my own understanding. This has been cultivated through many years of experience and seeing how that reliance has exponentially guided my way. Many people are present in my life to help and assist me on my path. The compassion, love and empathy extended to me have been some of the most empowering things I have experienced.

I’ve also experienced profound change throughout my recovery. Whether it’s someone who has dealt with similar circumstance, family, and friends or just a stranger offering words of wisdom (which happens far more often than you would think) relationships have helped me to trust again. I am very grateful for the closest people in my life who have been by my side through it all. Thank you!

Being open to asking for help and gaining perspective from those around me has put me on a path to offering the same support to others. I’ve discovered that my true calling and purpose in life is to empower others on this path –that’s why I’m an avid recovery advocate. My enthusiasm and heart lies in being part of the recovery movement, which is growing as we speak. This movement includes people in recovery, friends and family and anyone who supports recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. The uplifting gift of strength in numbers has been immeasurable.

The support I’ve experienced is the single greatest contributor to my being alive and well today.

Hillary Belk has helped to pioneer collegiate recovery in the state of North Carolina. She took her experience launching collegiate recovery at UNC-Charlotte to the national level as one of the original members of Young People in Recovery (YPR) and a co-founder of the YPR-Charlotte, NC chapter. She also served as a Lead Advocate for Heroes in Recovery from 2014-2016, where she received the 2014 Moment of Change award from Foundations Recovery Network for “courageously paving the way for others to find healing and recovery”. She has served as a live-in sober living Life Skills counselor and most recently received her CCAR Recovery Coaching certificate. Her life goal is to help create innovation and change in the recovery community with other dedicated individuals so more resources are available to those in and seeking recovery from substance use disorder and mental health issues.

You can connect with Hillary on Facebook, twitter @hillarybelk2, LinkedIn, and Instagram @hillyb

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